The World’s Smallest Computer is Smaller Than Grain of Salt

The IBM is working on the world’s tiniest computer. The finished computer is smaller than a grain of salt, and yet has the same computing power as Intel’s X86 chip from the 90s. IBM is working on the chip as a new addition to the world’s blockchain. But we don’t know that blockchain is a new way of tracking transactions and currencies around the world. IBM wants to start embedding them in products by creating these tiny chips.

Result is, you can turn almost everything into a smart object that can be tracked and authenticated as a real thing. There is then also the other aspect of this which is that if we can create computers as small as a grain of salt then it opens up a number of worrying possibilities about how else they can be used from surveillance, tracking to healthcare. Now it is in the concept stage and they will start mass producing it in a few years time. They are also expecting it to cost less than $0.10.

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