Texas Toll Bill Payment Center

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority operates the 183A, 290 Toll Roads, Express 1 Toll and SH 71. These toll roads are completely automated, with no need to stop or even slow down at toll booths. Drivers who use these roads without a valid TxTag, EZ Tag or TollTag receive toll bills through the Pay By Mail program.

If you received a toll bill, a vehicle registered in your name recently traveled on a Central Texas toll road. You can easily pay your Toll bill by accessing the website: www.paytexastoll.com that is operated by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Tolls can be paid online using any major credit card. Failure to pay a toll bill can result in additional fees and court fines. Pay Texas Toll does allow payments via mail in the form of a personal or business checks, money orders and cashier’s checks.

How To Pay Your Bill Online?

1. Open your web browser and go to www.paytexastoll.com.

2. After getting the home page then you have to hit on the option of “Pay my bill”.

3. Now you will get a new window where you will be asked to pick up the method of payment. For example, you have selected the “Online” method.

4. You have to enter the reference number into the first given box.

5. In the next step of the procedure, you will be asked to type the license plate number.

6. Now you will be requested to clack on the blue color button which is indicated as “Find invoice” and make the payment of your bill online.

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