Spotify’s New In-Car Controller and Stand-Alone Music Player

Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming service in terms of user base. Till date they didn’t developed any hardware product. Now they are in the process to launch a new hardware product. This is probably an in-car controller and stand-alone music player. Spotify users were greeted by an offer with the music streaming service. It offers that the users with $155 for one year subscription can get this device as a part of the deal.

The report states that the device was circular in shape, had an LED screen in the same shape and also physical buttons for track controls. However, users were only prompted once about this offer and after that, it was not seen again. It is believed that Spotify will be taking the wraps off this same device at an event later this month.Spotify doesn’t have any kind of voice integration at the moment in its app and the company has said to The Verge that it has plans for implementing such features to improve Spotify’s in-car experience.


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