Recommended Regions in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the Spain’s most beloved tourist spot. It is the largest of Balearic Islands. Tourists are excited by the ever-present sunshine, gorgeous sandy coves and beaches, colonial-style architecture, and plenty of lush landscape that all combine to make the island a great holiday destination. Mallorca has plenty of spots to swim, eat, drink and be merry in relative privacy. Following are the 3 recommended regions you have to visit in Mallorca.

  1. Maria de la Salut

Maria de la Salut is situated on the north eastern side of the island around 50km from the capital, Palma. It is a traditional town with rural community. Farmers grow classic products such as almond and fig trees. It is famous for melons, olives and tomatoes and is available in weekly farmers market. The town is a small and pretty with low rise stone houses and steeply sloping streets. Easily walkable with few restaurants and cafes.

2. Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca’s capital has all the elements for a satisfying short break. Its coastal location offers some great beaches, trendy restaurants and amazing food markets. The city is a Gothic architecture, including the sensational, sprawling Gaudi-inspired Palma Cathedral. Illetas Beach is 9 km from cathedral and is famous for soft sand, clean water.

3. Bonaire, Alcudia

You will reach the port of Bonaire, when travel to the north of the island. It is a quiet and beautiful coastal region of mallorca located few kilometres from the town of alcudia. It has a small, sandy coves and lush, green pine forests. Playa de Sant Pere and Playa de Sant Joan are the two coves found when you walk along the coast. Both are devoid of tourists even in peak season and also surrounded by protected forests and mountains.

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