Recognize Your Family and Your Pets from The Lighthouse Security Camera Using AI

Security Camera takes place an important role in every homes. Now, AI tech is increasingly important for things like face and behavior recognition so your camera can alert you when something is up without bombarding you with unnecessary alerts. Lighthouse has a stand-alone security camera with lot of features and also has a good vidoe quality.

Setting it up:

The initial setup of the Lighthouse security camera was incredibly simple. Download the app for your smartphone and connect to the camera. Bring it onto your home network and then you’re pretty much good to go. It uses a powered connection, so if you’re looking for something to keep outside or in a place without an outlet, this isn’t the camera for you. Once the hardware setup has been done, you have a bit of work to do within the app to teach the Lighthouse how it should work. Get the other people in your house to use the app as well, otherwise, the camera will stay active when they’re home and you aren’t.

It also has smart features that will recognize both humans and pets. It outlines people in blue and pets in orange when its showing you a clip of movements. You can see all the trouble your pets get into, or if something bad happens in the camera’s view. The Video and Audio quality is very good.

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