Perfect Diet Guidelines

We always love to find a convenient way to follow the perfect diet. Many of the studies agreed to the same diet philosophy. The best human diet for health is simply eat whole food. This is the traditional diet approach that would be followed by every dietitians. And it is proven to be effective for those who following it regularly. However, due to information overload in our society and lack of clear guidelines, implementing a whole food approach on a day-to-day basis can feel overwhelming and unattainable for many.

Here are some of the easy guidelines to simplify the process of optimal diet. You have to take lower carb meals. Apart from athletes, the health professionals suggests that approximately 80 % of our food should lean towards having a lower carbohydrate content. That means carbohydrates have high fiber content which slows blood sugar spikes. olive oil-based dressing or added nuts and seeds are also healthy fats, so don’t skip them. A low carb lunch have large salad, chopped vegetables and beans or chicken.

The Carbohydrates mostly come from vegetables.This means replacing your bun and fries with lettuce wrap and a double side of sautéed broccoli. The next best appetite suppressant is protein. It also repairs tissues and sustains energy like nothing else. Prioritize and budget for high-quality of protein, especially from an animal source. Plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, and seeds are also in this count. Track how many pre-packed snacks consumed and replace it with veggies and dip, boiled eggs, homemade low-sugar trail mix and real food.

Diet is at the root of health, so it must be the priority. Keep these guidelines in mind to improve your health.


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