Your Taxes Online

There are lot of bills you have to pay such as Rent, Tuition, Taxes, Insurance, etc. OfficialPayments simplify all your bill payments. It is easy, fast and secure. You can save your time by using their service but there will be a surcharge for this. It is much better than driving there for most of the time.

How to pay your taxes on

  1. Open the link from your web browser
  2. Click on “Sign Up” button to create an account
  3. Enter all of your personal details to complete the signup process
  4. Click on “Pay Now” button, put in the pertinent information for your payment and enter the jurisdiction code
  5. Then Click “Make a Payment” to continue the process
  6. Enter the amount you want to pay and Click “Accept Terms” on next page
  7. After entering the appropriate payment information, Click “Continue”
  8. Finish the payment and then you will get the confirmation when process is completed

Official Payments is the trusted payment services partner of the IRS, 27 states, 350+ colleges and universities, 450+ utilities, 450+ courts and 4,600+ municipalities in all 50 states. They are dedicated to making payments fast, easy and secure for the clients and their customers by providing the best technology available, the highest level of security and exceptional customer service.


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