NutriSystem Member Card Online Activation

NutriSystem helps you to provide effective ways to lose your weight. Purchase your NutriSystem member card which is available at a local costco store. Go to the website address from your web browser and then you can redeem and activate your membership card online. After your card has been successfully activated you can enjoy their benefits including complimentary access to counselors, dietitians, trim-down tools and trackers kit.

How to activate your membership?

  1. First you have to find out your serial number and pin number which is located on the back side of your membership card.Open your web browser and go to the link Then click on “Redeem your card” button
  2. Enter the basic details asked in the website to register and create an account. Then start your free NutriSystem membership
  3. Finally you have to enter your serial number and pin number on the account page. After that order has been successfully processed, you will get a “Thank You” message

Call their customer support 1-800-215-9275 to activate your membership card


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