NIX – An Innovative OS For its Uninviting Complexity

NIX is an operating system that is both archaic to install and maddening to set up. It is a modern and flexible with GNU/Linux based distribution. That makes the NIX os to reach too far for its new users. It is more complex than other innovating options such as Qubes Linux, which is designed for heightened security and rigid Arch Linux distros that lack a graphical user interface for managing installations.

If you are not comfortable typing commands into a terminal window, NixOS is not distro you want to try any time soon. A well-documented set of installation instructions does little to help resolve error messages when typed commands fail to execute. NixOS is not your typical modern Linux distro that installs from a fully functional live session.

The NIX operating system is started as a research and now it is developed as a full functioning operating system. NIXos is an independent Linux distribution developed by the NixOS Foundation based in The Netherlands. It runs on the KDE desktop environment but is powered by its own Nix Package Manager. Other featured innovations include reliable upgrades, rollbacks, reproducible system configurations, a source-based model with binaries, and multi-user package management.

The NIX operating system has a unique structure pays off where security is heightened. It does not install packages in universal locations found in other LINUX operating system. Another advantage is NixOS’ ability to run multiple versions of an application. You can install multiple versions or variants of a package and run them simultaneously.

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