Icehotel 365 – Sweden

There is an Icehotel in sweden for about three decades. It is located on the banks of the Torne River in Jukkasjärvi and opens it doors between the month of November and March. There’s also a second, permanent Icehotel that sits adjacent to the seasonal: Icehotel 365. It first opened it doors in November 2016. It also has 20 deluxe ice suites complete with warm bathrooms and saunas and remains open all year round. Each suite is designed by different artist and kept at -5°C. The outside temperature begins to rise after the winter is over. So the hotel’s interior is kept cool by solar panels. Those solar panels are powered by Midnight Sun.

During the summer months, guests swap husky sledding, snowmobiling and cross country skiing for fishing, hiking, cycling and kayaking. Visitors can also enjoy six-course ice menu at Icehotel restaurants served on plates made from Torne River ice or a cocktail at the Ice bar served in ice glasses. The seasonal ice hotel will continue to be assembled every year, with local and international artists competing to design the luxury art suites. There is also an ice bar which is re-constructed each year in November. Guests usually spend one night “on ice” and the rest of their stay in nearby chalets.

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