Hyperloop Will Start Building First Two Test Tracks in France

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is an US-Based company, announced that it will start building first of two test tracks at its facility in Toulouse, France. It envisions a transportation system which proposes to propel a pod-like vehicle through a near-vacuum tube at nearly 1,100 km per hour and above. The first phase with closed system of 320 metres will be operational this year. And then a second phase of 1 km which is elevated by pylons with the height of 5.8 metres will be completed in 2019.

Both systems are fully upgradeable and will be utilised by both HyperloopTT and partner companies. HyperloopTT has signed agreements in the US, India, Slovakia, Abu Dhabi, the Czech Republic, France, Indonesia, Brazil and Korea. HTT has a research centre for freight and logistics in Brazil and a facility in Toulouse where it will deliver the first full-scale passenger capsule. “Hyperloop is no longer a concept; it has become a commercial industry,” Gresta added.

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