Guide To Natural Stem Cell Care

Stem cells plays an important role in the functions of skin. As we age, these stem cells age too. Stem cells based skin and hair care can make your skin healthy in the natural way. As we age our skin cells can start to degenerate. It loses its ability to fight against environmental damage and also bounce back to maintain its healthy regeneration of cells. While we can’t stop the stem cells damage but we will prevent it to rebuild the health of our skin.

Stem cells are the cells found in living organisms which have the power to create more and more cells of the same type, in a cycle of regeneration. Stem cells can reproduce and rebuild if they are damaged. As we age, our skin cells age too and dramatically it reduces their healing and repairing powers.

Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Age Defying Thinning Hair System is a hair care product designed to help fight against hair loss and thinning hair naturally. It uses a argan stem cell science technology to stimulate cell renewal and sustains healthy growth and protect against ageing. It includes shampoo, conditioner and scalp intensive which are work together to naturally add strength to the hair. Comparing to hair loss treatments it is ideally natural.

Andalou Naturals Stem Cells Recovery Cream uses argan stem cells to refine the skin tone which is ideal for oily and acne prone complexions. It boosts the calming hydration when applied to face and neck overnight.

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