Gmail’s Security And Privacy Get Toughened

Google rolled out a number of new features designed to make its G Suite collaboration and productivity apps more efficient and safer to use. G Suite currently has more than 4 million paying business customers. The updates include a new design, enhanced security and artificial intelligence components, and better integration of G Suite apps including Gmail. The overhaul already has been rolled out to some businesses via the G Suite Early Adopter Program. The changes follow the introduction to last month of anti-phishing protections in response to business email compromise (BEC) threats.

It includes warning users or automatically moving suspected phishing emails to spam folder. Already they have succeeded in blocking 99.9 percent of BEC attempts. Google will not scan Gmail in any way for the purpose of targeting ads. No ads will be shown in Gmail for G Suite customers. Google has taken privacy protection up a notch with the introduction of Gmail confidential mode. Options include adding an expiration date feature and allowing users to revoke previously sent messages. Emails also can require additional authentication via text message before recipients can view them, which could add protection against account hacking.

Confidential mode includes built-in information rights management controls that allow senders to bar recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading or even printing messages. This functionality is meant to reduce the risk of accidentally sharing confidential information with the wrong people. Gmail also has received an artificial intelligence upgrade, including new functionality such as Nudging, Smart Reply and high-priority notifications to help with user productivity. Nudging is used to remind users to respond to messages.

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