Fujitsu Cooling Product Online Registration

Fujitsu General America Inc., created a website to register their products. It provides the best cooling product, Halcyon Mini-Split Air Conditioners and Heat Systems. From your web browser, go to the website In their website you can learn the products information, download the Owner’s Manuals, get the rebate offers, register your products online, find a contractor, and more.

How to register your product?

Open their website, select which type of product you’ve purchased whether it is for home or small business. Then click on the “Consumers” button. You can see the “Product Registration” on the left. Just click on the link to start your registration process by providing your personal information and purchase information.

About Fujitsu General cool products

The Halcyon line of mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners is one of the most used residential cooling products in 2009. It will provide individual room temperatures for whole-home constant comfort, year-round in most climates. Halcyon systems allow for a peaceful inside environment because components like compressors and motors are installed outdoors. The energy efficiencies of these systems can help save up to 50% on utility bills.

In their website, you can also use the energy calculator to know how much money you potentially could save by switching to Fujitsu mini-splits.

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