Free Service from Spotify is Getting a Lot Better

Spotify is giving more music for free to convert the free users to premium. Only three weeks after going public, Spotify announced aggressive improvements to its free, ad-supported mobile tier Tuesday. Under their new plan, users can access 15 on-demand playlists. Users can also pick and play tracks from any of those playlists in any order. But the free users can’t get it. Those 15 playlists can have upto 750 tracks. Now the users can skip as often as they like.

You will be asked to choose atleast five artists that you like, when you first sign up. It will generate the custom playlists depending upon your selection. You can personalize the playlists further by indicating which tracks you like (or not) while listening. Also you can create your own playlists. But you cannot create your own playlist under free plan and cannot have freedom to skip the tracks. Spotify has more than 90 million free users and 71 million paid subscribers.

Spotify’s playlists will be personalized based on your own musical tastes but will also include such popular Spotify-curated playlists as RapCaviar and and VivaLatino. Spotify has a streaming catalog of some 35 million tracks and more than 2 billion playlists in all. The users who are not having unlimited data plans has an offer that spotify will save 75 percent of data for online streaming. For premium plan, spotify offers no ads, offline listening and choose whatever songs you want to hear whenever you want to hear them.

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