Cyber Attacks Doubled in 2018

While focusing on Cyber attacks, it is doubled in 2018. The businesses are globally detected and blocked nearly 87 percent of those breaches, when it is compared to 2017. Despite making significant progress, only two out of five organisations are currently investing in breakthrough technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and automation, indicating there is even more ground to be gained by increasing investment in cyber resilient innovations and solutions, the findings showed.

Ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks form the category of focused attacks. The attacks are defined as having the potential to both penetrate network defences and cause damage, or extract high-value assets and processes from within organisations.

With 13 percent of focused attacks penetrating defenses, organisations are still facing an average of 30 successful security breaches per year which cause damage or result in the loss of high-value assets. On average, 89 percent of respondents said their internal security teams detected breaches within one month compared to only 32 percent of teams last year.

This year 55 percent of organisations take one week to detect the breach when compared to last year. Although companies are detecting breaches faster, security teams are finding 64 percent of them. They are collaborating with outside organisations to find out the remaining breaches.

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