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The Electronic Scooter for Women

Electric Scooters are the eco-friendly scooters, that are making huge impact in now-a-days technology. It has mostly three of these qualities. Those are Light Weight, Easy to Assemble and More Stable. The build, however, pays off in sturdiness. The…

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Android P’s flagrant iPhone X imitation shows how little Google is innovating

Android P is still in super-duper developer-only beta mode, but you only need to look at an iPhone X to see what your Pixel phone will look like once the new models land later this summer. Okay, I…

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Life-Cycle Impacts of Transit-Oriented Development

There is a growing interest in pedestrian and transit-oriented development as a way to reduce the cost of transportation and home energy use. Yet there is little knowledge of how much alternative travel modes and compact developments reduce…

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