Apply for California Medi-Cal Program

If you didn’t have an employer-sponsored health insurance recently, you might worry about your children’s health very much. But if you live in California, it is a very easy problem. You can apply for the Medi-Cal Program (formerly Healthy Families Program) for your children.

California Medi-Cal program is a low cost insurance for childrens and teens, who do not have insurance or do not quality for no-cost Medi-Cal. It also offers comprehensive health, dental and vision care coverage through selected insurance plans. At the time of service for children’s benefits, you have to make the co-payment of $5 – $15.

How to apply for California Medi-Cal Program?

  1. Open the link from your web browser then click Services tab, after that click on Medi-Cal and then finally click on Eligibility and Enrollment
  2. Check if your children is eligible to apply for the program or not
  3. If your children is eligible, then download the Medi-Cal application form and fill it out
  4. Mail the completed form to the address provided
  5. Visit the website to check the status. You will receive a receipt of application in 7 business days
  6. Within 20 days from the receipt of application, you will learn whether your application is approved or not
  7. Finally, if you’re approved, you can enroll in the Medi-Cal Program Remote Payments Online Service and make a one-time payment or set up monthly automatic payments to your Healthy Families account using your credit card

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