Android P’s flagrant iPhone X imitation shows how little Google is innovating

Android P is still in super-duper developer-only beta mode, but you only need to look at an iPhone X to see what your Pixel phone will look like once the new models land later this summer.
Okay, I kid, but there’s no denying that Google has taken at least some inspiration from Apple’s thousand-dollar flagship phone. First there’s the support for “cutout” displays, better known as The Notch. One of Android P’s premier features will be proper support for cameras that jut into the screen, so apps, videos, and status bars can display properly. That was to be expected. After Essential Phone kicked off the notched aesthetic (even before the iPhone X landed), more than a few Android phones have jumped on the bandwagon, and it’s clear that many new phones will adopt the look going forward.
But a new rumor takes the iPhone X influence even further. In a since-edited screenshot in blog post about DNS security improvements in Android P, Google posted an image of what seems to be a navigation bar rather than a button at the bottom of a Pixel screen, with a back arrow next to an elongated strip similar to Apple’s home indicator.

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