AARP Medicare Plans from UnitedHealthcare is an online helper tool provided by AARP. It helps you to compare all Medicare coverage options and find the best solutions for you. t provides an estimate of your annual prescription drug costs without Part D coverage and compares the cost savings you can reasonably expect to achieve when you enroll in one of the three UnitedHealthcare Prescription Drug Plans.

How to use the selector?

  1. Visit the website and enter the prescription drugs that you are currently taking
  2. Click the “Search” button to start searching or you can search for the drugs alphabetically from the list
  3. Add the drugs and then click on “Continue” button. It will calculate the total cost and estimate your monthly and annual cost
  4. “Compare Drug Plans” will gives you a best solution based on prescription cost
  5. Drug costs displayed are estimates and may vary based on the specific quantity and dosage. Estimates are based on costs at network pharmacies, which may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

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